Fund Administration

Whether it’s putting together a drawdown notice, calculating carried interest or closing a fund, our fund admin team have it covered. Kin Group initially started as a fundraising business, so why provide third party fund administration? Because great fund administration is part of the recipe for raising money. Whilst never easy to raise a VC fund, IF you have a reputation for great investor services and reporting, it becomes that much easier.

Originally we outsourced all our fund administration. But, having had this experience, we decided to build a third party fund administration capability of our own. Our custodian and administration business was born out of a frustration that we seemed to care a lot more about the investor experience than those that were supposed to be focused on it.

Rather than relying on third party software providers to provide business critical systems, our digital infrastructure is built and owned by us. This brings a number of benefits to our clients. Most importantly it means we can be flexible. Where there is a sufficient business case we can flex our systems to give clients exactly what they want and in a timely fashion, without the constraints of third parties.

Building a reputation for great service takes time. We can help you show your investors that you want to deliver the best possible investor services.

See also our Fund Management and Regulatory Compliance services. Find out more about the team and contact us to enquire about our services.

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Fund Administration Services

This is not an exclusive list, but our Fund Admin services include:

  • Accounting services; maintenance and filing of the Fund’s financial books and records
  • Attending and participating in Investment Committee Meetings
  • Calculation of returns and other performance measures of the Corporate actions
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation
  • Drawdowns
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reconciliations
  • Digital connectivity to key partners (API access)
  • Financial reporting, accounts preparation and audit liaison
  • Fund income and distribution reporting
  • Fund regulatory reporting to FCA and other authorities (eg FATCA)
  • Opening and control of Fund bank accounts including collection and payment services
  • Preparation of reports to shareholders including portfolio valuations
  • Preparation and filing of FCA filings/reports
  • Supervision of the orderly liquidation and dissolution of the Fund (if required)
  • Risk management

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