Fund Management

We provide Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM) services and operate Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). We focus on the Venture Capital asset class, because that is what we know best.

Being an alternative investment fund manager is not as glamorous as it sounds. The exciting part is deal origination, deal doing and helping companies on their way to a successful exit. This is the bit that we free our clients to concentrate on. Using a third party fund manager is particularly welcomed by those in the formative years of building a VC business, when there are many other things to focus on.

Each client we work with has different needs and requirements. Our focus is always on the regulatory and operational aspects of fund management, as opposed to sourcing or managing the individual assets within the fund. That is the job of our clients, as asset managers.

Ultimately, our role is to protect investors by following the FCA’s principles for business, this, in turn, protects our clients. But, we can also help with fund administration, compliance consulting and other services. There are other firms that provide third party fund management for Venture Capital funds, but we like to think there are a number of things that make us distinctive.

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