Kin Fund Services – lift off!

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, Kin Fund Services – lift off!

We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Kin Fund Services’; our new trading name to cover the fund service activities of Kin Capital Partners LLP and Enterprise Investment Partners LLP.

Following the formation of Kin Group, formed by the 2018 merger of Enterprise Investment Partners LLP, Enterprise Incubator & Consultancy LLP, Kin Capital Partners and Kin Capital Ltd, the group has grown steadily in terms of investors, clients and headcount. The Kin Capital brand will continue to be used by the venture capital fundraising and placement business Kin Capital Ltd.

Richard Hoskins, Co-Principal, said “This is an exciting development in the Kin story. The launch of the Kin Fund Services brand acknowledges the growth that this part of the business has seen and the growth that we expect to continue. Whether we have seen the bottom of the Covid-19 triggered down turn remains to be seen, but what is certainly the case is the next few years are likely to create the best vintages of future venture capital returns since the aftermath of the Credit Crunch. We are not the only ones to have this view – lots of people are approaching us about setting up VC funds at the moment.

Christian Elmes, Co-Principal, said “Whilst the brand is new, the business is the same; delivering the best in class venture capital related services. We remain focused on delivering the best possible client and investor experience, aided by our proprietary technology. We feel this makes our proposition distinctive. We have a number of new hires to announce and several exciting new developments in the pipeline. We look forward to making further announcements in due course.

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